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Lumbar Spine

I injured my lower back after a fall down some stairs at work.  By the next morning, my back was in so much pain that I could barely move.  My back was in severe pain and spasm.  I was so stiff that I could only walk by dragging my foot and even that got me short of breath.

After just the first treatment with Dr. Kerenyi, I was able to actually walk.  Though I was able to go back to work, my pain never fully went away.  Dr. Kerenyi was concerned and ordered an MRI for me.  According to the MRI report, I had 2 very large disc herniations.  I was told by several orthopedists that surgery would be necessary. 

But like most people, I'm very fearful of surgeries.  You never know what the end result would be.  I was given cortizone injections and multiple pain medications.  But the pain never got any better.  I finally decided to just continue with conservative treatments with Dr. Kerenyi. 

Today, I am completely pain free.  Another MRI was done and it showed my discs had regressed!  I highly recommend Dr. Kerenyi.  To me, he is a life saver. 

Dorothy S., Oakland, CA

I went to see Dr. Kerenyi for lower back pain including electric-shock like spasms.  I have been experiencing these symptoms periodically over the last 3 years, typically when I increased my exercise or yoga routines.  I had been to another chiropractor who had helped in the past but this time my symptoms got worse rather than better after 2 visits to her so I didn't want to go back.  On the recommendation of a relative, I decided to try Dr. Kerenyi. 

After my very first visit to Dr. Kerenyi, my back spasms disappeared and the soreness disappeared not long after that.  I quit taking iBuprofen and used ice if needed.  I saw Dr. Kerenyi another few times over 2 weeks and now, just 3 weeks after my first visist, my back feels great and I feel so much stronger overall. 

Dr. Kerenyi also adjusted other parts of my spine, not just hte area that hurt.  These adjustments - which I didn't even know I needed - provided a surprise benefit: my rib cage is now free to move and expand to allow for deep yoga breathing.  I hadn't realized that the "hitch" I felt when I took - or tried to take - a deep breath was something that could be fixed.  I feel like I have a new body!


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